Sunday, June 7, 2009

Wake me up gently

In the early morning
when the sun is creeping
into my bedroom while I'm still sleeping
I know you'll be tempted to try and wake me up
I'll have a heart attack if the alarm clock sounds
If you pour water on me I'm apt to drown
Shake the bed is likely to send me into shock

*You gotta wake me up gently
You gotta wake me up slow
Wake me up like a mellow love song, on the radio
Cuz I never did like sudden starts
You know they hurt your eyes and break your heart
You gotta wake me up gently,
Wake me up slow*

Well I once knew a girl with yellow hair
Who slept like a log and roared like a bear
Perchance you should happen to meet her when she rose
Well, I don't know where she's livin' now
Who shares or bed or makes her smile
Wherever you are there's something you should know:

You gotta wake her up gently...

Well I can tell by the way you glow in the moonlight
That you are also a person of the night
Won't you take a chance and walk with me a while
Well I don't always act like I should
But I've been told by some I'm very good
To burn in the night like a nova star gone wild

You gotta wake me up gently...

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  1. hey Thank you so much for posting this song. I was starting to think I was crazy if you know who sings this or where I can find a copy can you please face book me???
    Carrie Lynn Farris